Once you decide to go for hosting, the next question you have to decide is whether you wish for UNIX / Linux hosting or any other. Not everyone interested in internet marketing or any business is a super techie. Hence, it is natural for them to find some confusion on this regard. It is important that your website script do well with the operating system platform of your device. You are going to deal with a website means you need to be sure about the database.

linux hosting services


If your database is based on MYSQL, then UNIX OS is best suited for you. Most of the third party content management systems are operating system specific. Apart from this, the sites coded through popular scripting languages like PHP, PGI, etc deal well with UNIX platforms. As we know PHP being one of the most commercially preferred coding language of websites, it is natural for UNIX operating system to be there with most occasions.

However, the next most frequent coding language Java is pretty flexible in terms of operating system. It is suited for both UNIX and Windows platforms.

Application support

Association of different useful tools with hosting options is a quite common thing. These tools are best if they mate perfectly with your operating system. Prior going for a hosting option you therefore need to makes ure of the specs and tweaking options. The softwares mean a lot if your site is meant for online marketing kind of purpose.


Linux/UNIX hosting is cost effective in comparison. In fact, you can enjoy better association of tools through these platforms than others. The best part here is that UNIX is an open source option and free for users. Again, as we have mentioned, it can deal with most of the popular scripting languages. For this, UNIX is a fine option for beginners in web arena. They can work in best way no matter how cheap your hosting plan is.

Need to know the commands:

Despite being one of the options that can compatible it make some think of other option. This is so as it is not a very sleek option to go through. One must have the knowledge of the commands. In short, if you are not a techie or someone having knowledge of these unique commands this is not a suitable option for you. In some case, people have no other option but to recruit someone for this.

Hosting options:

Being one of the cost effective options, most of the web hosting houses offer Linux/UNIX cheap plans. There are many exciting applications come with the particular operating system platforms as well. In fact, it is not a big deal to incorporate external add-ons. The prime reason behind this is because you always have the option of source code available for free. Appart from this, you can gather free assistance information through their community over the web as well.

Most of the hosting houses work well with Linux/UNIX. However, to be specific, we would certainly name BlueHost. Bluehost Linux hosting is quite cost effective and they involve the best customer support. You can enjoy infinite bandwidth, domain facilities as well.