Greetings for the day! I am Jennifer, a 66 years old retired woman. I was working with a press agency earlier as a senior reporter and served the company for nearly 30 years. I am absolutely free now and catching up all the good times that I missed with my 70 year old husband. I enjoy writing and this passion still helps me to get connected with huge audience. My hobby is to make creative items using materials that are easily available at home.

How I started blogging

Writing was my passion and being a senior reporter, I had good experience. After retirement, I simply missed connecting with people and interacting with strangers. This is when; I decided to create a blog. Today, large numbers of people follow my blog and also look forward to read something interesting. I usually write about the wide number of festivals celebrated across the globe.

Know me

If you have a similar passion and love exploring the various festivals of the world, contact me and share your inputs. We can work together to create an informative blog article and reach out to people. You can get all my details in the contact us page in the blog.

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