Shared hosting can be basically understood as the hosting service in which the same server resources by many sites. In other words, many sites play over a single server linked with the web. This is a budget friendly option, hence is preferred mostly by the beginners those want lesser resources for their site, or i those cases where the traffic is less.


Shared hosting takes in to account the internet based cPanel. In this case, the service provider often becomes responsible for server management, installation, protective measures, tech-support, etc.

Shared hosting is basically divided in to two categories; those are name based and IP based.

Shared hosting: IP-based, Name based

In this case the server is configured along several network interfaces. The server tool takes the IP address into account to be confirmed about the sites to be displayed to the visitors. If you are confused about which shred hosting to buy then HostGator is the one you should go with. Over the years and experience in hosting industry we came to this concluding. They provide best HostGator discount coupons which can be used to save money while buying HostGator plans. In short, going through a specialised IP is basically to use its own SSL certificate than a share hosting.

In case of Name based, the virtual hosts offer several host names on one device having one IP address.

DNS (Domain Name Server)

Being aware of the term ‘DNS’ (Domain Name System) is important while dealing with shared hosting. DNS basically functions like a huge database that relates a domain name and IP address. When someone looks for a site, the corresponding IP address is concerned by the DNS.

Upon registering a domain name at a specific person’s name server, the DNS is put over their server, and in maximum instances relate the domain with the Name server of the hosting house. The IP address is generally kept at this name server.

Concerns about Shared hosting

There are some issues associated with the name based virtual host. These don’t function properly with antique browsers, especially those host name as a section of request. However, this is not at all a point to worry according to the new rules.

However, protection has been always an issue with the shared hosting. In general, every name based virtual hosts considering the specific IP address have to share the same digital certificate while following the associated procedures. Though there are solutions available, but mostly the dedicated hosts generally apply these. It’s very rare for the shared hosts.


Not all web based businesses are cost effective. Some even drag huge bucks. Hence, managing the budget plays a crucial role in success of any such business. It’s like a formula for all those interested in blogging, to go with shared hosting in initial days. You are not going to attract huge traffic very early, and shared hosting will be a way cheaper. Read web hosting reviews from this blog to find more information about hosting planes and providers. There are monthly instalments available on this regard. Still, going with a yearly scheme is recommended, as it can be even cheaper.

Scalability –

Scalability will never be an issue if you handle the share hosting with a little care. The shared hosting service providers come with different kinds of offers. A pack with low cost associated offers lower disc space and bandwidth. At the same time, they have scalability offers as well. In most cases they demand a little more price to enjoy some more interesting features. So, scalability should always be your concern while going for a shared hosting service.