Bluehost Pro vs. Shared Hosting

Dealing with hosting related issue is not as simple as it seems. However, it’s a fact that things seem pretty enjoyable as far as these are under your control. But, as the scripts start annoying you, there is nothing really more hectic in entire world. Hosting has been, and will be one of the most key aspects of any online business. While talking of a better hosting service, Bluehost undoubtedly comes as a top recommendation.

Bluehost hosting

Why to switch from Shared to Bluehost Pro only:

Shared hosting is good, but as long as you are tagged as a beginner, or dealing with rudiments of online business. A time comes when you get overloaded with traffic, and there remains no option but to upgrade. There is huge price advantage when you use Blue Host hosting coupon from Easy Way To Hosting while buying Bluehost shared hosting plans. To be honest, VPS is not a preferable option for many, and any intermediate option is looked for, most often. On this context, Bluehost PRO package can be extremely efficient for you.

Basically, this is a paid version for the Bluehost Shared host users seeking more space. Through the Bluehost Pro, the number of sites hosted from a particular server is confined ensuring better outcome. Here, you enjoy a single dedicated IP, which is very crucial in terms of improving your Google ranking.

Bluhost Pro vs Shared hosting: Performance

Through the Bluehost Pro you get more efficient processor and memory that offer you with the best loading time. You can always afford twenty dollars to ensure a lot better performance going with the Bluehost PRO.

SSL Certificate:

SSL certificate is something very important for those having an ecommerce WordPress site regarding payments. The Bluehost Pro package offers you with the most protected way of handling these things.

Apart from this, Bluehost Pro offers features like Domain privacy protection, email filtering, domain name registration, those are thoroughly enjoyable.

Higher resources in comparison:

In short, if you have to deal with memory issues with shared hosting, slower run time, then Bluehost Pro can be a fantastic option in comparison. Apart from enjoying increased resources, the users also get lowered making it more efficient. Especially, in comparison with basic VPS where satisfaction is inchoate, Bluehost Pro can be a way better option.

Financially beneficial:

The best part here is that Bluehost PRO is financially a lot beneficial as well, especially if you are going with those like specialised IP, SSL. In these cases you can well save above two hundred dollars in a year.

Upgrading to Bluehost Pro:

If you are already a Bluehost user, you can upgrade to Pro through some simple steps. First, you just have to log in to Bluehost cPanel, then click over the Addons and just add Pro Package.

However, it takes one or a couple of hours to get revamped. Full details of Bluehost hosting and their plans comparison written on Easy Way To Hosting blog. Your site might perform dumped during these hours. Hence, it is recommended to go for the shift during off days.

Finally, all it can be said that the moment you realise you are running out of memory in case of shared hosting; you need to take a look at the Bluehost Pro, rather than VPS to avoid some of additional expenses or technical flaws.