WP Engine Review : Should We go for it?

In a world of digital media dominance, there are millions of users for WordPress content management system and it has dozens of supporters along with website host. WP Engine is one of them with a difference that it is dedicated to only WordPress website hosting. It is known to provide a lot of features with its basic plan starting from $29.00 per month but guarantees speed and website traffic. It may be a bit on the expensive side but the investment made is every bit of the money you let go off.

wp engine review

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Why use WP Engine as website Host?

The first and the basic reason to use WP Engine is it is a managed website host which means you only have to worry about your blog content and business, rest is managed by an expert team in the background. It is managed by an expert and professional skilled employees of WP Engine who ensure latest software updates, automatic back – up of content as well as the complete security of the site against malware and threats.

WP Engine Plans and Prices

There are four plans offered by WP Engine web host and all have different features included in it. The basic or personal plan starts at $29.00 without CDN integration but with unlimited bandwidth, storage of 10GB and 25K visitors are allowed at no extra charge. It is good for someone starting a new blog. The professional plan comes at a price of $99.00 with CDN Integration, the memory of 20GB and 100,000 visitors allowed. Next plan is a business plan available at $249 per month that allows 25 WordPress Installs, 400,000 visitors along with 30GB of storage. The premium plan allows 1 million visitors, 150 to 300 GB storage space and 150 WordPress installations but the price can be customised as per need. The packages offered by WP Engine WordPress Hosting are great for running own business and earning profit out of it. The only downfall is overcharging if the number of visitors exceeds. The best part of WP Engine is the exclusive deal of 60 days guaranteed money back offer.

Speed, Performance and Security

As per as speed is concerned WP Engine is considered to be one of the best in terms of speed and performance. It has 100% uptime rates or guarantee which means the percentage of time the system is online and running. The rate of downtime is less and also they offer credit for the downtime based on the agreement you had with them. They take less time in loading all website elements to the browser and hence gets your website good Google Ranking. It provides much-secured network and ensures continuous scanning of threats to keep the website protected.

Customer Support

The backbone of client satisfaction lies in customer support and WP Engines provides excellent support 24 x 7. The customer support team is very supportive and helps in guiding through any problem. WP Engine also helps a hacked website to be restored at no extra cost. The only drawback is the absence of e-mail support but it can be well compensated for the live customer care any time.


WP Engine is one of the most lucrative web hosts that have helped many to become successful internet entrepreneurs by allowing them to host their business. It provides great features, speed, reliability and support making it one of the most popular choices amongst millions of people. If you are planning to earn good revenue as well as increase visitors, WP Engine is a great way to start the show and gain eventually good success. It is expensive but money is worth the performance.

All about the Shared hosting

Shared hosting can be basically understood as the hosting service in which the same server resources by many sites. In other words, many sites play over a single server linked with the web. This is a budget friendly option, hence is preferred mostly by the beginners those want lesser resources for their site, or i those cases where the traffic is less.


Shared hosting takes in to account the internet based cPanel. In this case, the service provider often becomes responsible for server management, installation, protective measures, tech-support, etc.

Shared hosting is basically divided in to two categories; those are name based and IP based.

Shared hosting: IP-based, Name based

In this case the server is configured along several network interfaces. The server tool takes the IP address into account to be confirmed about the sites to be displayed to the visitors. If you are confused about which shred hosting to buy then HostGator is the one you should go with. Over the years and experience in hosting industry we came to this concluding. They provide best HostGator discount coupons which can be used to save money while buying HostGator plans. In short, going through a specialised IP is basically to use its own SSL certificate than a share hosting.

In case of Name based, the virtual hosts offer several host names on one device having one IP address.

DNS (Domain Name Server)

Being aware of the term ‘DNS’ (Domain Name System) is important while dealing with shared hosting. DNS basically functions like a huge database that relates a domain name and IP address. When someone looks for a site, the corresponding IP address is concerned by the DNS.

Upon registering a domain name at a specific person’s name server, the DNS is put over their server, and in maximum instances relate the domain with the Name server of the hosting house. The IP address is generally kept at this name server.

Concerns about Shared hosting

There are some issues associated with the name based virtual host. These don’t function properly with antique browsers, especially those host name as a section of request. However, this is not at all a point to worry according to the new rules.

However, protection has been always an issue with the shared hosting. In general, every name based virtual hosts considering the specific IP address have to share the same digital certificate while following the associated procedures. Though there are solutions available, but mostly the dedicated hosts generally apply these. It’s very rare for the shared hosts.


Not all web based businesses are cost effective. Some even drag huge bucks. Hence, managing the budget plays a crucial role in success of any such business. It’s like a formula for all those interested in blogging, to go with shared hosting in initial days. You are not going to attract huge traffic very early, and shared hosting will be a way cheaper. Read web hosting reviews from this blog to find more information about hosting planes and providers. There are monthly instalments available on this regard. Still, going with a yearly scheme is recommended, as it can be even cheaper.

Scalability –

Scalability will never be an issue if you handle the share hosting with a little care. The shared hosting service providers come with different kinds of offers. A pack with low cost associated offers lower disc space and bandwidth. At the same time, they have scalability offers as well. In most cases they demand a little more price to enjoy some more interesting features. So, scalability should always be your concern while going for a shared hosting service.


Bluehost Pro vs. Shared Hosting

Dealing with hosting related issue is not as simple as it seems. However, it’s a fact that things seem pretty enjoyable as far as these are under your control. But, as the scripts start annoying you, there is nothing really more hectic in entire world. Hosting has been, and will be one of the most key aspects of any online business. While talking of a better hosting service, Bluehost undoubtedly comes as a top recommendation.

Bluehost hosting

Why to switch from Shared to Bluehost Pro only:

Shared hosting is good, but as long as you are tagged as a beginner, or dealing with rudiments of online business. A time comes when you get overloaded with traffic, and there remains no option but to upgrade. There is huge price advantage when you use Blue Host hosting coupon from Easy Way To Hosting while buying Bluehost shared hosting plans. To be honest, VPS is not a preferable option for many, and any intermediate option is looked for, most often. On this context, Bluehost PRO package can be extremely efficient for you.

Basically, this is a paid version for the Bluehost Shared host users seeking more space. Through the Bluehost Pro, the number of sites hosted from a particular server is confined ensuring better outcome. Here, you enjoy a single dedicated IP, which is very crucial in terms of improving your Google ranking.

Bluhost Pro vs Shared hosting: Performance

Through the Bluehost Pro you get more efficient processor and memory that offer you with the best loading time. You can always afford twenty dollars to ensure a lot better performance going with the Bluehost PRO.

SSL Certificate:

SSL certificate is something very important for those having an ecommerce WordPress site regarding payments. The Bluehost Pro package offers you with the most protected way of handling these things.

Apart from this, Bluehost Pro offers features like Domain privacy protection, email filtering, domain name registration, those are thoroughly enjoyable.

Higher resources in comparison:

In short, if you have to deal with memory issues with shared hosting, slower run time, then Bluehost Pro can be a fantastic option in comparison. Apart from enjoying increased resources, the users also get lowered making it more efficient. Especially, in comparison with basic VPS where satisfaction is inchoate, Bluehost Pro can be a way better option.

Financially beneficial:

The best part here is that Bluehost PRO is financially a lot beneficial as well, especially if you are going with those like specialised IP, SSL. In these cases you can well save above two hundred dollars in a year.

Upgrading to Bluehost Pro:

If you are already a Bluehost user, you can upgrade to Pro through some simple steps. First, you just have to log in to Bluehost cPanel, then click over the Addons and just add Pro Package.

However, it takes one or a couple of hours to get revamped. Full details of Bluehost hosting and their plans comparison written on Easy Way To Hosting blog. Your site might perform dumped during these hours. Hence, it is recommended to go for the shift during off days.

Finally, all it can be said that the moment you realise you are running out of memory in case of shared hosting; you need to take a look at the Bluehost Pro, rather than VPS to avoid some of additional expenses or technical flaws.

A Guide to Linux & UNIX Web Hosting

Once you decide to go for hosting, the next question you have to decide is whether you wish for UNIX / Linux hosting or any other. Not everyone interested in internet marketing or any business is a super techie. Hence, it is natural for them to find some confusion on this regard. It is important that your website script do well with the operating system platform of your device. You are going to deal with a website means you need to be sure about the database.

linux hosting services


If your database is based on MYSQL, then UNIX OS is best suited for you. Most of the third party content management systems are operating system specific. Apart from this, the sites coded through popular scripting languages like PHP, PGI, etc deal well with UNIX platforms. As we know PHP being one of the most commercially preferred coding language of websites, it is natural for UNIX operating system to be there with most occasions.

However, the next most frequent coding language Java is pretty flexible in terms of operating system. It is suited for both UNIX and Windows platforms.

Application support

Association of different useful tools with hosting options is a quite common thing. These tools are best if they mate perfectly with your operating system. Prior going for a hosting option you therefore need to makes ure of the specs and tweaking options. The softwares mean a lot if your site is meant for online marketing kind of purpose.


Linux/UNIX hosting is cost effective in comparison. In fact, you can enjoy better association of tools through these platforms than others. The best part here is that UNIX is an open source option and free for users. Again, as we have mentioned, it can deal with most of the popular scripting languages. For this, UNIX is a fine option for beginners in web arena. They can work in best way no matter how cheap your hosting plan is.

Need to know the commands:

Despite being one of the options that can compatible it make some think of other option. This is so as it is not a very sleek option to go through. One must have the knowledge of the commands. In short, if you are not a techie or someone having knowledge of these unique commands this is not a suitable option for you. In some case, people have no other option but to recruit someone for this.

Hosting options:

Being one of the cost effective options, most of the web hosting houses offer Linux/UNIX cheap plans. There are many exciting applications come with the particular operating system platforms as well. In fact, it is not a big deal to incorporate external add-ons. The prime reason behind this is because you always have the option of source code available for free. Appart from this, you can gather free assistance information through their community over the web as well.

Most of the hosting houses work well with Linux/UNIX. However, to be specific, we would certainly name BlueHost. Bluehost Linux hosting is quite cost effective and they involve the best customer support. You can enjoy infinite bandwidth, domain facilities as well.